November 19, 2019

Mom Uses A Cornish Hen To Play A Hilarious Thanksgiving Prank

Now, take a  minute to think about this. Turkey’s are birds. They do not carry babies the way humans or other mammals do. They lay eggs. I know this, you know this, and Racquel and Nicole probably know this, too. But, it’s all about the surprise factor. Even though I know that turkeys lay eggs, I’d definitely be shocked to find a tiny bird inside the larger bird when I went to take out the baked stuffing.

Nerissa’s plan did not go perfectly, however. Nicole discovered the Cornish hen in the refrigerator before the prank even happened, so that left Racquel as the only victim. Fortunately, she was easily fooled and her reaction is priceless! She struggles to find the “baby” at first, but her mom encourages her to take out more stuffing and she discovers it. She’s immediately shocked and dismayed, and even after the prank is revealed and she can laugh about it, she’s still a little upset. This is just too hilarious to miss!

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