November 19, 2019

A Hero Crossing Guard Saves A Child From The Hands Of A Kidnapper

Unfortunately, on very rare occasions, danger rears its ugly head and a child is put in a threatening position. In this case, it’s up to the child and any responsible adults to jump in and prevent a tragedy.

On this particular day, an 8-year-old girl on a playground was threatened. A woman was attempting to kidnap her and take her away. The little girl recognized the crossing guard and went to the trusted adult asking for help and explaining that the would-be kidnapper was absolutely not her mother. Together, the diminutive crossing guard and the young child held off the woman until help could arrive. The little girl’s mother and the entire community have recognized the crossing guard as the hero that she is. Without her bravery and quick thinking, this situation may not have had a happy ending. In addition, the little girl knew exactly what to do when she felt threatened. She found an adult and asked for help. Remember to teach little ones that important skill. It could save a life!

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