November 19, 2019

She Braids Her Hair Under Her Chin. When She Flips It Over, It’s Beautiful.

She breezes by, on her way to hang out with her equally stylish friends, and doesn’t even notice me sitting coffee shop, wearing the same yoga pants and tee shirt I wore to bed (and I spilled coffee on). My hair is in a messy knot on my head and I’m wearing shoes that may not actually be slippers but certainly resemble them. Okay, they’re slippers.

I’m never going to be that stylish girl, but I do have pretty good hair. It’s long and thick and I usually let it do its only thing, but a cool hairstyle would certainly do wonders for my otherwise lackluster style. This video shows anyone with relatively long hair how to create a quick, simple, and beautifully unique hairstyle with minimal effort. Simply part your hair in the back, french braid it in the front right under your chin, and then flip it over. I absolutely love this cool look!

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