November 19, 2019

An Enormous Wolf Sits Down Beside Her. Then They Make Eye Contact.

So, it’s a little disconcerting to see an average-sized woman sitting in the snow next to a wolf. A huge wolf that dwarfs her in size and could obviously injure her it it so choose. But, what dies it do, instead? It cuddles her. Just like my dogs cuddle me, and if you’re a dog owner, I’m willing to bet you’ve experienced similar displays of affection.

Kekoa is a wolf that resides at the Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center, and his brave pal in the video is Danielle. The two obvioulsy share a special friendship. The Colorado Wolf and Wildlife center works to educate the public about wolves, foxes, and coyotes and their role in our ecosystem. They are an active force in conservation and preservation. The center provides near natural habitats for the many animals in their care. Their “pack” includes a variety of species. Artic wolves, grey wolves, timber wolves, red fox, swift fox, and coyotes all live at the sanctuary, which is completely supported by generous donations and revenue from educational tours.

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