November 19, 2019

Hospice Patient Has A Single Dying Wish, And It’s Absolutely Adorable


Research has shown that spending time with animals benefits people’s mental and physical health, whether in the hospital or at home. Petting a dog or cat reduces stress and lowers blood pressure.


Carol wanted to snuggle some adorable kittens, so the hospice and the local SPCA came through and showed up with an entire basket of cuddly felines.


“Kittens are angels with whiskers,” Carol says. “They are precious… adorable.”


Carol had an amazing time cuddling the furry bundles of joy. The kittens also benefited from socializing with humans.


Look at the snuggles. The little one curled up on Carol’s shoulder is just too cute. Carol knows that kitten cuddles are truly good for the soul.

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