November 19, 2019

Mom Goes To Salon With Long White Hair. But Stylist Chops It All Off And Gives Her A Complete Makeover!

In the video, you see Christal’s before shot where she explains her excitement. She says that she would like to donate her hair as well as get a brand new look that is fun, happy and glowing. This is a win-win situation for all. Not only is she giving up her hair for a good cause, but Christal also gets a new look! So, this is when “The Makeover Guy” gets to work.

He begins by cutting off Christal’s long ponytail in one quick snip. She absolutely loves the thrill and encourages him to keep going. The result? An absolutely radiate Christal, with short blonde hair and make up done to perfection.

She comments on her transformation by saying that she absolutely loves it and that she feels “wild and sexy”. She then persists to do a little dance while showing off her beautiful smile. What an inspiration!

Check out the full makeover below! If you’re fond of makeovers or have just found Christal’s positive energy infectious, share the video with your family and friends.

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