November 19, 2019

Abandoned Girl Had No Arms. But Then She Did What Everyone Thought She Couldn’t Do—Played The Piano.

This little girl was born without arms, and much to her dismay, was abandoned by her mother at the time of birth. What seems like a disheartening story really takes turns for the better though. There was someone who saw the beauty in this child and adopted her to give her a loving and caring family.

Today, Lorelai’s adoptive mother doesn’t leave any stone unturned to help her daughter pursue her dreams and really show off her potential. So when the opportunity to audition for “Got Talent 2017” showed up, there was no way this mother-daugher duo would let it slip away.

In this video, Lorelai enters the stage to perform for a shot at a spot in the semi-finals. She’s seen wearing a fancy dress and is all set to blow the judges away with what she has in store for them. Given that she has no arms, it comes as a surprise when she decides to play the piano—but she has something in store for everyone, that no one saw coming. She plays the piano with her feet and mesmerizes the audience with her beautiful voice as she performs.

Watch how the judges react once she is through her act.

Click on the video below to watch the entire performance, and the standing ovation by all the judges at the end of the clip. Share Lorelai’s story with family and friends and give them some inspiration to pursue their dreams.



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