October 16, 2019

Man Compliments His Handsome Dog, Pup’s Response Has Everyone In Stitches

In the short video clip below, you’ll see one of the sweetest-looking pups in the whole world. It is wearing a bright red bandana and sitting comfortably behind its owner, a young man who apparently likes to play the fool. The owner then records the conversation with his pup whereby he tells it just how handsome it looks with its bandana!

Does the dog merely accept the compliment and strut around, knowing how cool it looks? Nope! The dog persists in biting and licking its owner in protest! This little pup doesn’t know how to take a compliment, and it’s just too funny!

Give the video a little peek and see just how adorably cute the pup with the red bandana looks! If you too agree that it looks super handsome, let us know in the comments! Additionally, don’t forget to like and share this darling video with your family and friends!

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