November 19, 2019

8-Year-Old Gives Perfect, Impromptu Performance Of Adele Song And Has The Internet Swooning

The best part? Kelsi looks blasé. She starts singing with ease, making it look simple to pull off, and like anyone could do it; her body language giving off a vibe of familiarity as if she’s belted out a tune in public a hundred times before. Then, once she reaches the chorus, Kelsi’s inner performer emerges and Wal-Mart becomes her stage, hitting tough notes with the same accuracy and confidence as Adele herself.

Kelsi doesn’t slow down or get tired either. She whips through the song, her delivery never losing pace or sounding out of breath. Chatter between women is overheard, “oohs” and “aahs” are exchanged, and just as Kelsi finishes up, a resounding “WOW” and clapping is heard just as the camera shuts off.

Ade… I mean Kelsi, can you please sing for us again?

Watch below as this little girl works her magic on the shoppers in Walmart with her impromptu performance!

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