November 19, 2019

Quiz: Which Dr. Seuss Classic Relates To You The Most?

He touches upon large themes like protecting the environment in The Lorax or delving deeper into self-acceptance in Oh, The Places You’ll Go! and even taught people that being different is not a bad thing in The Sneetches and Other Stories. He knows the rules of his craft so well that he was able to break them with ease, carving out a style so unique no one comes close to the original.

Even his books were made into blockbuster hits, sending his messages and style into overdrive on big screens around the world. Dr. Seuss’s talent is layered – he knew how to take broad universal concepts and package them into fun, easily digestible stories. Why were they such hits? Because people can see shades of themselves or someone they know in his quirky tales and characters.

Take this quiz to see which one of Dr. Seuss’ well-loved classics relates to you the most.

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