November 19, 2019

Man Begins To Play Piano. Suddenly Entire Concert Hall Breaks Into A Flash Mob Mid Performance.

2. Simon Gives A Standing Ovation

Ana and Fia are a mother-daughter duo. They are spectacular singers who first made their appearance on “Britain’s Got Talent” where they got in front of the four judges and sang Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion’s duet “Tell Him.”

The daughter, Fia, starts the performance with her soulful voice and unmatchable tone. Things are going smooth, and the audience is amazed at what they’re hearing. But then, mom Ana joins the performance and together, the ladies knock the act out of the park.

You can’t tell that mom would have such a powerful and impactful voice and we’re sure that’s what amazed the judges the most.

There have been instances where I’ve seen every judge off their seat and applauding the performer, except for Simon. But this time around, the tough critic himself couldn’t help but give a standing ovation.

Watch the ladies give it their all, below.

3. Simon, The Tough Critic 

This mother-daughter duo had impressed Simon in their audition round, but this time around, when the pair was performing in the semi-finals, the judge thought that he was looking for a little bit more from them.

Ana and Fia are back on stage looking amazing and ready to deliver another power-packed performance. They chose to sing “Wind Beneath My Wings,” and I don’t think they could have sung a more fitting song. There was so much vocal range involved in this tune, and it was a challenge to keep that consistency while delivering all the notes and range.

All the judges, except for Simon, thought this song was perfect for the ladies and were hopeful that they had what it takes to win the show.

Below is the semi-finals performance, beautifully executed by Ana and Fia.

4. “I Can’t Wait To See It!” 

The Cocooners took to the “Britain’s Got Talent” stage to show the world what they’ve got.

They came in front of the judges and proudly announced their names and ages — they have a combined age of 293 years! The panel, of course, is curious to see what these women have in store but they didn’t see their performance coming, that’s for sure!

The women were clad in frumpy dresses until they take their spots on individual platforms. As soon as the music comes on, their dresses come off and underneath their wearing shiny, metallic suits, more fitting for the routine!

The Cocooners instantly begin to tap dance, and the crowd loses its mind! People are cheering and applauding the ladies and their energy. The judges don’t know what to make of what they’re watching; all everyone knows is that these grans are here to stay!

Click below to see how The Cocooners impress everyone around the world.

5. Simon Is In For A Surprise 

Nicholas Bryant is an investments consultant, so it was already interesting to see him on the stage of “Britain’s Got Talent.” You wouldn’t think someone so keen on numbers would be on the show.

Nicholas confirms that he will be playing the piano as a part of his talent and everyone is ready to hear his skills and all that he’s got. But, there was more than just the piano that he had in mind. The man had found a way to get everyone in the room involved as he played!

The act starts with him playing Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.” Then one-by-one, people in the audience join the performance as instrumentalists. Suddenly the people in the balcony begin singing, and everyone is surprised to see what’s going on. Simon has the biggest smile on his face!

Tune into the clip below and watch this epic flashmob!

6. “That Didn’t Just Happen!”

Who doesn’t remember Laura Bretan? She’s the 13-year-old who came onto the “America’s Got Talent” stage in 2016 and knocked everyone’s socks off.

When Laura first stood in front of the mic, you can tell that she is nervous. She openly admits to being nervous when the judges ask her. She’s shaking; her posture shows the lack of confidence and her voice is quivering. But, then she puts the mic back on the stand and takes her position.

As soon as she opens her mouth to sing, everyone is bowled over! In case you haven’t seen this performance, I won’t ruin it and leave it as a surprise. And for everyone who has seen Laura work her magic on stage, we’re sure you know that this one is a treat to watch over and over again!

Click below and tune into one of the best auditions on “America’s Got Talent!”

These were just some of our favorite performances! Which one is the best? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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